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Moons Stitches(Moon Pie)
2009 - April 24 AQHA Palomino Mare
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Spring 2015 update Moon Pie is now owned and raced by Erin Finlay of Front Runner Farms in Louisiana , look for updates on her FB page ,April 13, 2011 update from the Denise's--- Just wanted let you know how shes doing and what shes looking like. I gotta say she is one smart little filly and can really move. I've been riding her and she is really light and easy to train. I've got control of her feet and her mind. My wife had rode her the first time, then I had stay off of her for two weeks due to a cut on her back that earned her seven more stitches. The next time I saddled her to really start training she bucked like a rank rodeo bronc, after that she been a dream to work with. My wife loves her and wants to know if you have another one coming, a yearling, off the same sire and dam. Well in a about 3 years be looking for her name in the headlines. Pohnert Performance Horses, full sister to Sonny Boy(Moons Firewater Guy). One put together classy looking filly. Tons of shape, bone, muscle and looks to boot. Bred top to bottom. Thank you Jarrod and family, LA.

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