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2008-April 18 AQHA Palomino Gelding
Height: Weight:

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Notquita Angel
Pat Cowan

Psalms One Three
Sun Frost

Miss 3 John

Dry Doc

Sugar Dot Angel
Docs Jack Frost
Prissy Cline
Johne Red
Doce Bar
Poco Lena
Donalds Eclipse(Otoe)
Miss Sugar Dot(Sugar Bars)

Belles Chick Bar

Golds Star Belle
Smoke Fifty

Anny Chick Bars

Senor Gold

Hasie Belle
Smoke 49
Milo Ann
Chicado Chick
Hanks Gold Ann
Hank 89
Senorita 110
Popeye McCue
Trixie Bell
SOLD-Another colt by Notquita Angel, with foundation on the bottom. Lightning is a 3 yr. old gelding that has 60 days of riding on him. He has had the muscles in one side of his neck pulled when he was halter broke as a colt(before we got him), but should be fine. He is sound with that exception noted, and is discounted for that reason. Lots of breeding in his Sire, and Mr. Gun Smoke, Three Bars, and King on the bottom side.

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